Jump Form

Midwest Formwork have become synomonious for utilising Jump form or also know as Climbing Formwork as a key trait to our work ethic over the past ten years or so.

This system has benefitted our company and Clients particularly with regard to work cycles on all high structures. Of straight forward design, this system can be adapted to a very wide range of core or lift shafts.

Core heights can be jumped/poured to standard floor heights of approximately 4.000m or non standard floor heights of 4.500m. Extensions beyond that height need to be poured in two pours.

Intelligent modular systems permits

  • Permits optimised adaptation to any construction project with no more than a few individual components.
  • Platforms are pre assembled, i.e. rapid on site erection.
  • Platforms 2.40 m wide, so plenty of space for working quickly and in safety.

Ease of operation

  • Enables speedy formwork positioning and retraction without crane.
  • Reduces crane time, because the entire unit repositions quickly.
  • Offers speedy, precision alignment of the formwork in all directions.
  • Simple inclination adjustment.
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