Reinforced Concrete Frames

Midwest Formwork have evolved the construction of concrete frames with the integration of the Doka soffit formwork table system which makes for even faster formwork handling whenever floor slabs have to be cast.

Standard functional components can be installed for straightforward, speedy and safe adaptation to changing requirements on the construction site.

Fast repositioning reduces labour costs

  • Fully assembled units are maneuvered quickly into place - no laborious carrying of individual components from one location to the next
  • Practical shifting devices make for virtually fatigue-free operations
  • With the new table lifting system TLS for vertical lifts without crane
  • Easier to handle and safer than hand-operated formwork, particularly as room heights increase

Highly versatile and safe at the edge of the floor slab

  • The integrated table platforms mean fewer working and protection platforms
  • Yhe props can be set effortlessly for table overhangs up to 1.50 m
  • The straightforward system solutions for edge beams and end formwork
  • The pivoting and lockable props for unobstructed removal across parapets

Perfect adjustment in all three dimensions

  • With insertion beams and system connection to the table waling for speedy adaptation to any floor plan
  • With direct connection to the table frames and Staxo load-bearing towers for high room heights
  • With easily adjustable swivel head for speedy adaptation to varying requirements in terms of statics and geometry
  • With the option of using the formwork sheeting that best suits the architectural requirements of the building
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